Election Day Workers





Conducting elections is a big job, and we cannot do it alone.  Each year the Kansas City Election Board utilizes 800 – 1200 Election Day workers in various capacities around the city in order to get the job done.  


Qualifications for All Positions

  • Must be a registered voter of Kansas City within Jackson County
  • Must indicate your party (Democrat or Republican) affiliation
  • Able to read, write, and speak English fluently
  • Access to reliable transportation
  • Ability to work anywhere in the KC metro area
  • Must attend mandatory training session before each election
  • *fluency with current technology a plus*



  • Election Day compensation is based on the position assigned. Please refer to the chart below for detailed compensation information.
  • All Election Day workers are paid for working election day and for one to two training sessions.


Click here to download the Poll Worker Brochure


Click here to learn how KCEB can help your organization raise money through Adopt-A-Poll


KCEB Poll-Worker Application

To become an Election Judge, please fill out and submit the following application.  You will be contacted by a Judge Supervisor when an opening is available.

























* Parking validations are issued to all voters who park in the Union Station West parking garage.