Want to Register Voters?


Legally, any Missouri resident can register voters using the Missouri Postcard Application.  Applications can be requested from the Missouri Secretary of State’s office, 600 West Main Street, Jefferson City, Missouri, 65101, (573) 751-4936, info@sos.mo.gov

You may also pick up Missouri Voter Postcard Applications from our office in Union Station, Suite 2800. They must be mailed or dropped off at KCEB as soon as possible after completion. 

If you collect payment from any entity for your service, you must complete the Solicitors Registration form, which can be found  here.




Deputy Registrar Training (Permanent Registration Organizations)

NOTICE: Official Deputy Registrar training (use of official KCEB affidavit) is reserved for permanent and temporary KCEB staff, Library Officials, and Organizations which operate permanent registration sites.  Deputy Registrar status is now restricted to only certain individuals:


1) A Deputy Registrar must be a resident of Kansas City, Missouri (within Jackson County), a registered voter, be affiliated with an organization that operates a permanent registration site, and designated by the organization leadership to take voter registrations.


2) Only persons who have been trained and deputized by the Election Board (within the last calendar year) are authorized to register voters, at the designated location and during the hours, determined at the time the deputy registrar is commissioned. Current Deputy Registrars are NOT authorized to train others to become Deputy Registrars.


4) Deputy Registrars can only take registrations within the city limits of Kansas City (Jackson County), and only at the locations and times as agreed to and recorded by the Election Board.  


5) Organizations which conduct special registration drives shall assume the responsibility of providing registrars and facilities presented to the public.


6) At this time, deputy Registrar commissions expire each year after issuance.  To retain the commission, deputy registrars must attend certification training in January of the year following your initial training, and each year thereafter.


If your organization is interested in becoming a permanent registration site, please contact  John Trussell at johnt@kceb.org to inquire.