The Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners is a statutory agency, bi-partisan in nature. The Board contains four Commissioners, appointed by the Missouri Governor and confirmed by the Missouri State Senate. They serve a four-year term or until their replacement is chosen. Two directors of opposite political affiliation act as the management team. The directors and their staff execute lawful and adopted policies of the Board. They also oversee the election administration, personnel, budget, and a myriad of related services to the public and candidates.


The Kansas City Board of Elections conducts elections for all governmental entities lying wholly or partly within the boundaries of Kansas City (within Jackson County). Organizing for elections takes time and resources, and is ongoing. Our day to day activities include:

  • Verification of signatures on petitions to ensure lawful placement on the ballot;
  • Preparation of ballot layout; establishment of polling places;
  • Recruitment and training of election judges and deputy election commissioners;
  • Preparation of mailings for registered voters for each election, which notify voters of the election date and their polling site;
  • Maintenance, warehousing, and preparation of the voting and tabulating equipment used in elections;
  • Administration of the many State and Federal requirements such as the Campaign Finance Disclosure Law, the National Voter Registration Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Polling Place Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped;
  • Maintenance of active and non-active voter records, which includes new registrants, transfers, deaths, and other details.


On Election Day, all of our resources are committed to the smooth execution of the election and a precise, lawful tabulation of election results.



The Kansas City Election Board serves the Kansas City part of Jackson County. The Jackson County Election Board serves Jackson County residents outside of the Kansas City boundaries. The Cass, Clay and Platte County election authorities serve Kansas City residents who live in their respective jurisdictions.



The Kansas City Election Board provides many resources to voters and other interested parties. You may wish to call ahead and request the materials prior to your visit to the Election Board.


Absentee Services

Absentee ballot applications are available up to ten weeks prior to any election and at no charge to the voter. To learn more about how to request an absentee ballot, visit our absentee services page.


Absentee teams are available to deliver, witness and return the applications and actual ballot for voters who are: hospitalized or confined due to illness or injury after 5 p.m. on the Wednesday before an election.


On the Friday before the election, after 8 a.m., a list of absentee ballot applicants is available to candidates, candidates' representatives, a representative from a campaign committee or an absentee voter. The cost is twenty cents ($.20) per page.


Computerized Data

Registered voter data is available in fixed ASCII alpha format. Data may be ordered by ward and/or precinct, legislative district, and may include voter history on request. The cost is $.001 per name plus ten dollars ($10.00) per flash drive. There will be a $10.00 Admin Fee applied to every order.

This information can be sorted alphabetically, by zip code, or in street order.


Outside Elections

Equipment and supplies are available to conduct private elections, at a cost based on the equipment requested. Please submit a request in writing that tells where and when the proposed election will occur and how many voting devices are needed.

Charges are based on the devices ordered:

(1-10) - $40 (11-20) - $30 (21-30) - $25 (30 or more) - $20

These charges include ballot pages, ballot boxes, election materials, use of precinct ballot counters and miscellaneous supplies.