Conducting an Election 


General Guidelines

  • Election Services cannot conduct outside elections during KCEB normal election cycles (one month prior to through three weeks after an election).
  • All machine rentals must be accompanied by KCEB staff. Event host is responsible for payment for staff time worked ($25/hour).
  • Deposits must be received by KCEB two weeks prior to the election date.
  • KCEB must receive all races and candidates at least five business days prior to the election date. ‚Äč
  • ExpressVote/Ballot Marking Device requires one staff member for every four machines rented.
  • Additional machines are required depending on the number of voters and hours of election.
  • 1,500 voters or more should require two or more staffers.



Additional Information

  • Two election systems offered:
  • Express Vote/Ballot Marking Device (and Thermal paper) 
  • Express Vote/ Ballot Marking Device and/or the DS200
  • Machine rental is $200 per machine
  • DS200 printed ballots = $.50 each
  • Thermal paper ballots = $.50 each
  • Administrative fee is 2%
  • Election Services fee is 5%
  • Ballot preparation fee = $25/hour
  • Factor in KCEB staff pay for at least two hours for setup and takedown/tabulation