Conduct an Election


The Election Board provides the service of conducting outside elections for unions, conventions, and other organizations. If an organization is interested in conducting an election, we will be able to provide our service by following the guidelines below.


General Guidelines

  • Election Services cannot conduct outside elections during a public election cycle (one month prior through two weeks after a public election).
  • All machine rentals must be accompanied by KCEB staff. Staff must be paid by event host for their time worked ($25/hour).
  • Deposits must be received by KCEB two weeks prior to election date.
  • KCEB must receive all races and candidates at least five business days prior to the election date.
  • Touch screen machines require one staff member for every two machines rented. Additional machines are required depending on number of voters and hours of election.
  • 1,500 voters or more should require two or more staffers.


Additional Information

  • Two election systems offered: Touch Screen (electronic) and Optical Scan (paper).
  • Machine rental is $100 per machine.
  • Optical Scan machine = $.50 per ballot printed (unused ballots are retained by event host)
  • Ballot preparation fee = $25/hour
  • Staff hours paid need to factor in at least one hour for setup and takedown/tabulation