Adopt A Poll 


Adopt-A-Poll is a fundraising program through the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners (KCEB). This program allows local nonprofit organization to provide volunteers that will serve as poll workers for the upcoming elections and have their proceeds combined to benefit the affiliated organization or charity. 




How does the KCEB determine the donation amount?

The donation amount is exactly the same as our poll worker pay rate. Poll workers get paid $25* for attending a training class, which is mandatory before each election, plus $250* for serving election day, $25* (training) + $250* (serving election day) = $275*. Supervisory election workers get paid $25* for training plus $275* for serving Election Day, $25* + $275* = $300*.


*Rates reflect COVID hazard pay.


When and how is the donation paid out?

The donation checks are processed within two weeks of the election. The check will be made out to the charity that signed up to participate, not the individual volunteers.


How will KCEB account for each of our volunteers?

The KCEB will account for each volunteer in the same manner we account for all 2,500 election workers. Each volunteer will fill out an application with some personal information along with the information of the charity they are volunteering for. Then, the volunteer is placed into our database as a poll worker and assigned to a polling location. On election day, the volunteers will sign in and out of the payroll sheet just as other poll workers. After the election, all payroll sheets are processed and each poll worker will be accounted for. The payroll sheets will be cross examined with the charities volunteer list to ensure each volunteer showed up to serve. Once this process is complete, donation checks can be processed.


Do all participating charities have to be 501(C)3?

Yes. All charities will be verified via the IRS Charity Look Up website.


How long do volunteers have to serve on election day?

Adopt-A-Poll volunteers are expected to arrive and depart the polls just as all other poll workers. All poll workers need to arrive at their polling location by 5 A.M. (the polls open at 6 A.M.) to setup. The polls close at 7 P.M. however, there are addition closing procedures that have to be completed once the polls close. Generally, the closing procedures do not take longer than 1 hour.


Will all members of my group be assigned to the same poll?

It is highly unlikely all members of your group will be assigned to the same poll. Poll workers, including those working through the adopt-a-poll program, are assigned where they are needed. 


Are there any eligibility requirements for our volunteers?

Yes, each volunteer must be at least 18 years of age and a registered voter in the state of Missouri. Johnson County Kansas Election Board has a very similar program that will allow your volunteers from Kansas to participate in their elections.

For any additional information call Toby Chambers @ 816-842-4820 Ext. 228 / email or Shannon Campbell at 816-842-4820 Ext. 229 / Email