Purchase Voter Data/Maps


For a full list of data available for purchase and associated pricing click here.



Voter Data

Registered voters data may be sorted into the following categories:

  • Alpha by voting district
  • Walking list in street order
  • Zip code/alphabetical

Flash drives containing registered voter data are available. Data may be ordered by ward and/or precinct, voting district (e.g. senatorial district, house district, city council district, etc.) and may include voter history upon request. 

Registered voters flash drive*           $0.001/name, plus 

                                                              $10.00/flash drive

                               *$10 admin fee applied to every order


KCEB provides maps at a minimal cost for the following districts:


Wards and Precincts

City Council Maps

County Legislstive Districts

County Legislative-at-Large Districts

State House Districts

State Senate Districts

School Districts



Available sizes:

  • 33" x 44"     $25.00
  • 11" x 17"     $10.00

Note: All orders require pre-payment


Other Election Data

*Election Results:            $5.00-$45.00 (Depending upon size of report)

                                          (No charge to candidates for first copy)

*Polling Place List:         $5.00 (No charge to candidates for first copy)

*Sample ballots:              $5.00 (No charge to candidates for first copy)

*Materials may be downloaded from website, www.kceb.org


Deputy Registrar Training: No charge

Note: Deputy Registrar training is NOT required to register people to vote. However, upon written request, training for 10 or more people who are affiliated with a permanent registration site will be conducted at the Election Board. Requests for Deputy Registrar training for a smaller group must be submitted in writing to the KCEB ETO department at annelissa@kceb.org or curtis@kceb.org. Interested parties must be registered voters in KCEB's jurisdiction, must be non-partisan, and must be affiliated with a permanent registration site, a KCMO school or library, a tax-supported public agency, or a non-partisan nonprofit or not-for profit organization. Please call 186-842-4820 ext 234 or 219 to make training arrangements. Subject to change due to COVID 19 protocols. 


You may pick your map up directly from our office.


Requests can be made to Ted Growney by calling (816) 842-4820 x. 222