File to Run for Office



If you want to declare your candidacy for a federal or state office, please contact the Secretary of State's Office. If you want to declare your candidacy for a city office, you will contact your local election authority.


What are the Qualifications for Offices?

Candidates for elective office "file" for that office with an appropriate officer. State level (including legislative) and Congressional level candidates file with the Secretary of State. The times of filing are fixed by law. Please see Chapter 115 of the Missouri Statutes (sections 305 to 405) for complete information.


Federal or State Offices

The qualifications for each office are listed in either the State Constitution or state law pertaining to that particular office. Contact the Secretary of State's Office for further information by calling (573) 751-2301 or email


County Offices

Candidates for County offices may obtain further information from the appropriate county officer. In Kansas City, the "Clerk of the County Legislature" is the filing officer. Contact the county office at (816) 881-3240.


City Offices

Persons interested in City office should contact the City Clerk's office at (816) 513-3360.


Other Offices

School board, or Metropolitan Junior College board membership should contact the specific Board Secretary for more information.


For more information on how to file to run for office, please visit:

Missouri Secretary of State/Elections/For Candidates

Missouri Ethics Commission